Intern Relay Team

When people think of track and field, many tend to believe that there is no team aspect involved. Of course track and field athletes are trying to make their best time, and achieve their own mental goals—but most don’t know of the epic relay races that take place on the track every week. In order to run a perfect relay, everyone has to run their best. I like to think of my time here at the Walkway as one of those epic relay races.

Alongside me are three wonderful interns Summer, Amanda G., and Amanda B. Although we have different roles, it is important we help promote all that the Walkway has to offer to the people of the Hudson Valley. Now, relay teams are made up of four runners. Coincidentally, there are four of us. Catching my drift? 


It's Good to be Back

Last week I  said goodbye to my beloved training grounds and departed to North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Leaving was bittersweet, as each day my fellow teammates and I take to the bridge for our training runs. Some days are peaceful and serene, other days you can find us battling through the wind. No matter the day, the Walkway is our home. Spring break was a blast—but as a key factor in my training, I was definitely missing the Walkway.


And the winner is—!

Last weekend, the Walkway team headed all the way up to beautiful Saratoga to participate in the ADK Sports and Fitness Expo. Our organization served as a vendor at the expo to promote the Walkway Marathon and all it has to offer. We set up a contest where anyone could fill out their contact information, and enter for a chance to win one free admission into the race they desired! 


Special Olympics New York

Last weekend was a special one for the Hudson Valley and the City of Poughkeepsie, home to this year’s Special Olympics New York. The State Winter Games are one of three annual state games and one of more than 4,000 total competitive experiences held each year throughout New York.  

The opening and closing ceremonies were held right here in our own backyard at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. I thought it would be a great idea to attend the closing ceremonies and let the competitors know about the Think Differently Dash! 


Marathon T-shirt Tryouts

Every runner craves the perfect race—to do that, you need good sleep, lots of water, you name it; but what about active wear? Here at the Walkway, we’ve been looking at a lot of different shirts for this year’s race and we want it to be the best! What better way to enhance our selection process than through the Marist College Track & Field team?

I assume that many of you—athletes from the high school level to professional—don’t really take the time to think about what you want to wear before a race. I know I don’t.We are all provided with the proper uniforms—some better than others, shout out to those low budget high school teams……I feel you—but my point is that not everyone has the proper active wear to enhance his or her  racing experience.


Walkway Intern: Day in the Life

Why hello there folks, my name is Stefan Morton! I’m the new Walkway intern for this year’s Walkway Marathon series! I’m so excited to be assisting with this project and I want ALL of YOU to follow me every step of the way!

I am currently a junior at Marist College, majoring in Sports Communications and Public Relations, and minoring in Computer Science. School has been a blast, but I am more than thrilled to be putting my skills to the test in my first internship ever!