And the winner is—!

Last weekend, the Walkway team headed all the way up to beautiful Saratoga to participate in the ADK Sports and Fitness Expo. Our organization served as a vendor at the expo to promote the Walkway Marathon and all it has to offer. We set up a contest where anyone could fill out their contact information, and enter for a chance to win one free admission into the race they desired!

As the intern, everyone in the office felt it would be fitting for me to pick the 3 lucky winners. Picking two male winners was fun and all, but hopes were high for the last winner to be female. Elizabeth (our ED) couldn’t resist jumping in the action and thought maybe her female telepathy would draw a female winner—surprisingly, it worked!

Things got even better when I was offered the opportunity to call the winners and fill them in on the details. For some reason, I was actually a little nervous at first.

With a sigh of relief, the first two winners didn’t answer and I had the voicemail rehearsed. Then, the third winner answered.  I could actually relate to this young man because he although he didn’t answer the phone in shock, he kind of just didn’t believe me. “Wait, I won? This is awesome I usually never win this stuff!”

Fun Fact: One winner’s wife entered herself three times but ended up with the short end of the stick.