It's Good to Be Back

Last week I was said goodbye to my beloved training grounds and departed to North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Leaving was bittersweet, as each day my fellow teammates and I take to the bridge for our training runs. Some days are peaceful and serene, other days you can find us battling through the wind. No matter the day, the Walkway is our home. Spring break was a blast—but as a key factor in my training, I was definitely missing the Walkway.

Over the break we continued our training down in South Carolina. Don’t get me wrong; it was beautiful and surprisingly productive. On our workout day we were able to get on a track in Myrtle Beach. It was pretty neat to see about 30 of us putting in hard work while blasting fun music in the background. Dartmouth College was also at the track gearing up for an upcoming race later in the week. As they watched us round the track over and over again, a wave of Marist pride came over me. They looked jealous, and that sense of pride was the highlight of my training week.

Running on the beach was definitely relaxing; however I felt a sense of emptiness the rest of the week. We ran over and under a couple of bridges but nothing compares to our bridge at home. The Walkway Over the Hudson never gets old and it has become a staple to our training.

This week marked our first week back at Marist since break and let me tell you, I was the first one on that bridge!

Fun Fact: Since the construction of the Walkway there have been a number of different routes our team runs when crossing the bridge. The names given to these routes by our alumni still stick today!