Marathon T-Shirt Tryouts

Every runner craves the perfect race—to do that, you need good sleep, lots of water, you name it; but what about active wear? Here at the Walkway, we’ve been looking at a lot of different shirts for this year’s race and we want it to be the best! What better way to enhance our selection process than through the Marist College Track & Field team?

I assume that many of you—athletes from the high school level to professional—don’t really take the time to think about what you want to wear before a race. I know I don’t. We are all provided with the proper uniforms—some better than others, shout out to those low budget high school teams……I feel you—but my point is that not everyone has the proper active wear to enhance his or her  racing experience.

In recent weeks, the Walkway and I have been experimenting with different types of t-shirts for the race. As distance runners for the Marist Track & Field team, many of us go by the motto, “Feel good, Look good, Run good”. Taking this into consideration, I figured why wouldn’t I bring the t-shirts to the team?!

Before our MAAC championships, the entire women’s team and men’s team gathered for a dinner at Marist College’s McCann Center. Before my teammates were able to stuff their face, each person chose their two favorite t-shirts.

As a runner, I kind of figured which ones would be chosen and for those running the Marathon series, you won’t be disappointed!

Fun fact: The world record for the fastest marathon while wearing a suit and tie goes to Adam Campbell who ran a 2:35 in 2012. 

Hey maybe we should drop the t-shirt idea and have you all wear suits!