Business Team Challenge            

Promote wellness and fitness through your business/organization, and get involved! Join us for a friendly business-to-business competition.


  • Business must register a team of 10 people or more, designating a lead
  • Each team member can register for the race of their choice (5K, Half, Full Marathon, Think Differently Dash).
  • A Business Team can include family and friends.
  • Reach out to other business partners and challenge them to your race!
  • On race day, the team members must be identifiable in some way (e.g. t-shirts, hats, headbands with logo).
  • Winning Business Teams will be recognized via awards and publicity (e.g. local press, business newsletter).

Winner Categories

  • The Spirit of the Walkway Award: Team demonstrating most spirit.
  • The Fastest Connection Award: Team with best time for 5K; for Half; and Full Marathon.
  • The Weekend Challenge Award: Team(s) that participated in both Saturday and Sunday races.
  • The Tweeter Award: Team with the most tweets and re-tweets.
  • The Green Award: Team who can demonstrate the best green practices.
  • The Big Team Award: Team with most participants (based by percent of total employee population).

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Business Challege Guidelines

You must designate a team leader as a focal point for communication, giving that name to the Walkway Marathon race director, Susanne O'Neil.

Already registered? Contact Susanne O'Neil at or 845-454-9649 (x 109) to update your registration form with your business/organization affliation.

Registering for a Race

Registering as an individual: You can sign up by clicking the following link - REGISTER NOW (if you are registering for the Think Differently Dash, please click here). Once you've signed the waiver and filled out basic information, you will be prompted to fill out additional details on the next page.

In the highlighted area, fill in the name of the organization you will be running with.

Register as an Organization

Registering as an organization: Prior to registering, please be sure that you have all needed information (birthdays, emergency contacts, etc.) for each entry. You can sign up by clicking the following link - REGISTER NOW (if you are registering for the Think Differently Dash, please click here). In the top right-hand corner of the page, you will see the prompt illustrated in the photo below. PLEASE ONLY SELECT THIS OPTION IF YOU ARE THE LEAD OF YOUR COMPANY'S TEAM, OR WILL BE REGISTERING 5 OR MORE INDIVIDUALS WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION.

Once you select this option, you will see the change reflected in the registration page as illustrated below.

For each attendee that you enter, please still fill out the group as prompted (see below).

If you have any questions, please contact the Walkway office at 845-454-9649.

Considerations for Winner Categories

  • The Spirit of the Walkway Award: This is the team demonstrating the most spirit during Walkway Marathon weekend. Some examples of team spirit include team shirts, hats, ensembles, team cheering sections at the finish, social media engagement, etc.
  • The Fastest Connection Award: This is the team(s) with the best time in the 5K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, and the team with the fastest time in all three races.
  • The Weekend Challenge Award: This is the team who has athletes participating in all four races.
  • The Tweeter Award: This is the most social team, garnering the most tweets and re-tweets! The team must use one of the Walkway Marathon hashtags AND include a creative hashtag for your business team in all tweets, so we can track your progress. Get a head start, and start tweeting as soon as you register!
  • The Green Award: The team lead must submit a very short paragraph prior to June 10th, describing what your business/organization does to promote recycling on an ongoing basis. Please send this directly to the race director, Susanne O'Neil.
  • The Big Team Award: This is the team with the most participants (based on percent of total employees).

Announcement of Winners

The winning teams will be notified at the beginning of July and will be recognized:

  • On the Walkway Over the Hudson website.
  • At the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce Contact Breakfast Meeting on July 19th.
  • Stay tuned for other venues!