Intern Relay Team

When people think of track and field, many tend to believe that there is no team aspect involved. Of course track and field athletes are trying to make their best time, and achieve their own mental goals—but most don’t know of the epic relay races that take place on the track every week. In order to run a perfect relay, everyone has to run their best. I like to think of my time here at the Walkway as one of those epic relay races.

Alongside me are three wonderful interns Summer, Amanda G., and Amanda B. Although we have different roles, it is important we help promote all that the Walkway has to offer to the people of the Hudson Valley. Now, relay teams are made up of four runners. Coincidentally, there are four of us. Catching my drift?

Choosing which leg of the relay each person runs is a very important strategy, but since this isn’t a race I believe it’s fitting to position us in terms of our overall goal. In the end, we want the Walkway Marathon to bring an experience unlike any other to people around the world.

Summer will be our lead off runner. Her job is to work closely with the Greater Walkway Experience Branding and Marketing Project. This project benefits municipalities that border the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge. This effort enhances the experience for those visiting the Walkway, encouraging them to stay longer and explore other attractions and businesses near the Walkway. Summer is a perfect lead off runner because she initiates the Walkway’s exposure.   

Now that our ground work is set, Amanda B. and Amanda G. will be next in receiving the baton. As the team’s two middle runners, together they work closely with our social media team to promote the Walkway’s most profound event, the Walkway Marathon. Together they have implemented a strategic plan to get the word out about the Walkway Marathon through various social media outlets.

During my time at the Walkway I have also been working closely with the Walkway Marathon. I have been reaching out to running organizations and focusing on race details to make sure the weekend is the experience of a lifetime. Handling the public relations side of things will all come full circle as I will actually be running in one of the three races that weekend. I figured why not be the anchor leg in this relay!

Growing up an athlete, it is always nice to relate my life experiences to sports. Seeing this project come together can be attributed to the efforts of the Walkway team, and I think our intern relay team is not one to mess with.

Fun fact:  The idea of a relay was first struck up in 1893 at the University of Pennsylvania, which is now home to the world’s most prestigious collegiate track meet in the country, The Penn Relays.